‘Every Good Thing’ Story Behind The Song

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Check out the story behind the song “Every Good Thing” from the new album LIFE IS BEAUTIFUL.

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Album “Life Is Beautiful” releasing April 16, 2013


2 Responses to “‘Every Good Thing’ Story Behind The Song”

  1. Check out the 3/18 issue of the magazine “First for Women,” page 50. There is an incredible story of a woman (Sonia Yorgey from El Paso, TX) who had released a helium balloon at her parents’ anniversary party, and two years later, after her beloved cocker spaniel had died, someone showed up at her door with a cocker spaniel puppy. It had been found wandering along a road, with its leg tangled in a string. The tag on the string had the woman’s name and address, so the finders assumed it was her puppy. The tag was the 2-year-old tag from the balloon, and it still had the Bible verse she had written on it—“Every good gift and every perfect gift is from above.” She named the puppy “Faith.” How cool is that?