Behind The Song “Every Good Thing”

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5 Responses to “Behind The Song “Every Good Thing””

  1. Natalie Cortez says:

    I absolutly love this song because there is a good message behind this song! It tells of a great and awesome god that we serve and why he really is!! Rock on the afters!!

  2. deborah says:

    I love this song!!!!! :)

  3. John Kania says:

    Love the songs from the Afters!! Songs for broken and lonely people who need hope. It comes through in the music – the unwritten words behind the words… Thanks so much!!

  4. rily says:

    Dear the afters

    I want to say “Thank you” .
    I’m japanese, so I don’t know about christ so much.
    But your beautiful words and sounds always save me.
    I wish I could see you at live in japan .

    I’m so happy to meet the afters music.

  5. Ali says:


    Im from Iran….

    I Wanna Say Thank YOu For This Songs…Really Beautifull
    You Are Always In my Heart…