Ali Al Salem Air Force Base In Kuwait

Hi friends,

On november 13th, we took a break from our European tour to fly to the Ali Al Salem Air force base in Kuwait on invitation to play a concert for the troops stationed there. It is near the border of Iraq and is the closest air base to Iran, which is only 80 miles away. The base played a key role in the success of the gulf war.  It was a huge honor to spend time with the great men and women serving our country there. Many of them have been there for 5 or more months, sacrificing precious time away from their families to help insure our freedom and safety. Our hope was to encourage them and thank them for the great sacrifices that they make. It was a very special time that we will always remember and be grateful for. During the show, the soldiers sang along, danced, and worshipped with us.  With Thanksgiving approaching, we give thanks for all of the brave men and women serving our great country! Please join us in praying for them and their families…for their safety and that God continues to give them strength and unity!

Happy Thanksgiving!


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  1. COL Rob Woodmansee says:

    During Desert Storm, my soldiers from the Tiger Brigade, 2nd Armored Division fought at Ali Al Salem en route to what was called the Highway of Death. During recent deployments to both Iraq and Afghanistan, Ali Al Salem has been the gateway in and out of theater. Great pictures and I’m glad the Afters made it to Kuwait.

    May the Lord will lead you to Kabul Afghanistan where our worship services rock. Even more I’m looking forward to the release of your fourth album next year. May God continue to bless The Afters! Your music makes a difference in our lives.

  2. Bristan says:

    I finished my tour in Kuwait literally 2 weeks before you guys came and thought about extending just so I could see you, but my wife would have killed me! I played lead guitar for the worship service with Dan Warf and am getting out of the military and pursue what I believe God’s calling in my life is ( playing Christian music). We plan to be in Nashville in the next year or two and I’m excited to see how God provides and works in our lives. I wish I could have saw all of you so I could talk to you about what to expect and maybe even played some with you. Missed it by two weeks! I’m stationed at Eielson Alaska and play for my church here and will continue to until we leave. Your prayers for me and my family would be much appreciated. It’s scary putting all of your faith and hope in Him as I’m sure you know, but I trust Him 100%. Thank you so much for taking time to go to Kuwait. I know it meant a lot to alot of people.
    -Bristan Keller

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